14th September: Ultima festival – Oslo, Norway
27th September: Prozess – Bern, Switzerland (Internationale Gesellschaft für Neue Musik)
28th October: Hærverk – Oslo, Norway
4th November: LOFT – Cologne, Germany (impakt)
30th November: ImprovLab – Guelph (ON), Canada (IICSI)
1st December: St Cuthbert’s Hamilton – Hamilton (ON), Canada (Zula Presents Something Else)
2nd December: TBA – Ottawa (ON), Canada (imoo)
3rd December: The Music Room – Halifax (NS), Canada (suddenlyLISTEN)
4th December: Sala Rossa – Montréal (QC), Canada – double bill with Quatuor Bozzini

Previous concerts


18th March: Skoklefall kirke – Nesoddtangen, Norway (Nesodden jazzklubb)


5th March: KM28 – Berlin, Germany
4th March: Stadtgarten – Cologne, Germany
3rd March: Mullbau – Luzern, Switzerland


9th December: Ausland – Berlin, Germany
26th October: Kafé Hærverk – Oslo, Norway (Blow Out)
30th April: Werkplaats Walter – Anderlecht, Belgium (online only, due to covid-19 travel restrictions)


3rd November: Ny musikk Innlandet – Gjøvik, Norway
23rd January: CCAM Scène Nationale de Vandœuvre – Nancy, France (performing Danse avec Nathan Golshem by Lutz Bassmann with Laetitia Pitz)


25th November: Cafeteatret – Oslo, Norway
24th November: Muzzix – Lille, France
23rd November: Le Petit Faucheux – Tours, France
22nd November: Festival Les Boréales – Caen, France
18th September: Casa de Francia – Mexico City, Mexico
17th September: Teatro Degollado – Guadalajara, Mexico (with Alexander Bruck Santos)
16th September: Palco – Guadalajara, Mexico
15th September: Festival de Arte Nuevo – Chihuahua, Mexico
14th September: Festival de Arte Nuevo – Chihuahua, Mexico
8th June: Agora – Metz, France (performing Danse avec Nathan Golshem by Lutz Bassmann with Laetitia Pitz)
23rd April: Kulturnhalle – Leipzig, Germany (Ostersound Festival)
11th April: L’Áuditori / Fundació Antoni Tàpies –  Barcelona, Spain (Sampler Sèries)
4th April: Petersburg Art Space – Berlin, Germany
3rd April: Brötz – Gothenburg, Sweden
2nd April: Biermannsgården – Oslo, Norway (Bidrobon)
15th March: Taktlos Festival – Zürich, Switzerland


9th November: Les Quinconces-L’espal – Le Mans, France
14th October: 3 concerts at Emanuel Vigeland Museum – Oslo, Norway (live recording)
27th June: Audio Foundation – Auckland, New Zealand
26th June: Audio Foundation – Auckland, New Zealand
25th June: Before Nightfall – Melbourne, Australia (with Speak Percussion)
23rd June: The Sound Lounge  – Sydney, Australia (SIMA’s Winter Jazz Series)
22nd June:  Drill Hall Gallery – Canberra, Australia
15th March: Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens, Greece
16th March: Teatro San Leonardo – Bologna, Italy
20th January: L’Arsenal – Metz, France (performing Danse avec Nathan Golshem by Lutz Bassmann with Laetitia Pitz)


8th April: Non-Figurativ Musikk – Tønsberg, Norway
3rd April: De Ruimte – Amsterdam, Holland
2nd April: Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens – Deurle, Belgium
31st March: Zuiderpershuis – Antwerpen, Belgium
30th March: Playdate – Bergen, Norway
28th March: Blow Out/MIR – Oslo, Norway
19th February: Penn Ar Jazz – Brest, France
18th February: Muma – Le Havre, France
17th February: Les temps du corps – Paris, France
16th February: L’Église Saint Maximim/Fragment – Metz, France


27th November: Biermannsgården – Oslo, Norway (Bidrobon)
26th November: Bomuldsfabrikken – Arendal, Norway
20th November: Bimhuis – Amsterdam, Netherlands (The Necks’ 30th anniversary)
13th November: Dokkhuset – Trondheim, Norway (FriFrom)
12th November: Folken – Stavanger, Norway
25th June: Auditorium St Germain – Poitiers, France (Festival Bruisme)
18th June: Musée d’Art, Historie & Archéologie – Évreux, France
28th January: Kaldalón, Harpa – Reykjavik, Iceland (Dark Music Days)


23rd November: Haugesund Billedgalleri – Haugesund/Norway
22nd November: Cafeteatret – Oslo/Norway
20th November: Koncertkirken – Copenhagen/Denmark
17th November: Instants Chavires – Paris/France
16th November: Cave12 – Geneva/Switzerland
15th November: Beeflat – Bern/Switzerland
14th November: The Forge/London Jazz Festival – London/UK
12th November: Newcastle University – Newcastle/UK
13th September: The Norwegian National Opera/Ultima festival – Oslo, Norway (work by Henrik Hellstenius)
12th September: The Norwegian National Opera/Ultima festival – Oslo, Norway (work by Henrik Hellstenius)
11th September: The Norwegian National Opera/Ultima festival – Oslo, Norway (work by Henrik Hellstenius)
26th August: Festival METEO – Mulhouse, France
19th July: PLI festival – Pont de Barret, France
31st May: La Phare á Lucioles – Sault, France
30th May: La Phare á Lucioles – Sault, France
22nd April:The Norwegian Academy of Music – Oslo, Norway
21st April: The Norwegian Academy of Music – Oslo, Norway


10th November: The Old Church – Portland/OR, USA
8th November: Mills College – Oakland/CA, USA
7th November: Crow with no mouth – Minneapolis/MN, USA
6th November: Chicago Cultural Center – Chicago/IL, USA (Umbrella Festival)
5th November: UCCS – Colorado Springs/CO, USA w/Jane Rigler, Andrew Dewar, Timothy Feeney, Holland Hopson
5th November: UCCS – Colorado Springs/CO, USA
4th November: UCCS – Colorado Springs/CO, USA
2nd November: Ars Nova Workshop – Philadelphia/PA, USA
27th March: Victoria – Oslo, Norway
21st March: Kulturkirken Jakob – Oslo, Norway (with The Norwegian Wind Ensemble)
20th March: Moss samfunnshus – Moss, Norway (with The Norwegian Wind Ensemble)
19th March: Resonans – Gjøvik, Norway


25th October: Densités Festival – Fresnes-en-woëvre, France
5th June: The Bakery – Perth, Australia (Tura New Music)
4th June: The 107 Projects – Sydney, Australia (Jazzgroove Association)
3rd June: Lamps @ 401 Hibernian House – Sydney, Australia
1st June: Bennetts Lane Jazz Club – Melbourne, Australia (Melbourne Jazz Festival)
31st May: Bennetts Lane Jazz Club – Melbourne, Australia (Melbourne Jazz Festival)
7th April: Koen-Dori Classics – Tokyo, Japan (with Yumiko Tanaka as guest)
6th April: Candy – Chiba, Japan
5th April: Nu Things – Osaka, Japan
4th April: Guggenheim House – Kobe, Japan
3rd April: Urbanguild – Kyoto, Japan
2nd April: Super Deluxe – Tokyo, Japan


14th December: NMH – Oslo, Norway
16th November: NMH – Oslo, Norway
15th November: Sardinen USF – Bergen, Norway
14th November: Victoria – Oslo, Norway
13th November: Blæst – Trondheim, Norway
6th October: Babel Prague Festival at Archa Theater – Praha, Czech Republic
28th September: Crak Festival at Eglise St. Merri – Paris, France
1st September: MOMBI Festival – Fall, Norway
7th June: Novara Jazz Festival – Novara, Italy
5th June: MIR – Oslo, Norway
4th June: EXIL – Zurich, Switzerland
3rd March: Odeon Theater – Wien, Austria


18th December: Nu Things – Osaka, Japan
17th December: Forest Limit – Tokyo, Japan – with Jim O’Rourke
15th December: Pit in – Tokyo , Japan – with Yumiko Tanaka
14th December: Pit in – Tokyo, Japan – with Otomo Yoshihide
13th December: Gendai University – Tokyo, Japan
29th November: Cankarjev Dom – Ljubljana, Slovenia
27th November: MUG/Offene Ohren – München, Germany
26th November: Skur 2 – Stavanger, Norway
25th November: Biermannsgården – Oslo, Norway (8 pm)
25th November: NMH – Oslo, Norway (3 pm) – with Vilde & Inga Duo
24th November: Korskirken – Bergen, Norway
2nd September: Punkt Festival – Kristiansand, Norway
22nd July: Molde Jazz Festival – Molde, Norway

29th May: Teni Zvuka Festival – St Petersburg, Russia
26th May: Festspillene – Bergen, Norway
19th May: Angelica Festival – Bologna, Italy

15th May: Centro Cultural De Matadero – Huesca, Spain
14th May: Ensems Festival – Valencia, Spain
16th April: Vossajazz – Voss, Norway
14th April: Caféteateret – Oslo, Norway
13th April: Dokkhuset – Trondheim, Norway
5th April: Irtijal Festival – Beirut, Lebanon
20th February: Exploratorium – Berlin, Germany


December 14th: Salle Adagio – Thionville, France
December 12th: Sala Rossa – Montreal/QC, Canada
December 9th: Issue Project Room – Brooklyn/NY, USA
December 8th: Ars Nova Workshop – Philadelphia/PA, USA
December 7th: Chicago Cultural Center – Chicago/IL, USA

June 3rd: Biermannsgården – Oslo, Norway
May 22nd: FIMAV – Victoriaville/QC, Canada
May 20th: Festival des musiques de création – Jonquière/QC, Canada
May 19th: Music Gallery – Toronto/ON, Canada
April 14th: Porgy & Bess – Wien, Austria
February 13th: Radio France – Paris, France (watch and listen here)
February 12th: Philharmonie – Luxembourg
February 11th: Vooruit – Gent, Belgium
February 10th: Paradox – Tilburg, Holland
2010 tours made possible with help from:



December 12th: Gerlesborgskolan – Hamburgsund, Sweden
December 10th: Victoria, Nasjonal Jazzscene – Oslo, Norway
December 9th: AMR/Cave12 – Geneve, Switzerland
December 8th: Dampfzentrale – Bern, Switzerland
December 5th: Total Meeting Festival – Tours, France
December 4th: Pannonica – Nantes, France
July 9th: Joan Miró Museum – Barcelona, Spain
June 20th: Shared Sounds Festival – Berlin, Germany
March 29th: Jazzlines Festival – München, Germany
March 27th: Manufaktur – Schorndorf, Germany
– made possible with help from Norwegische Botschaft


December 13th: Casa del Jazz – Rome, Italy
November 15th: Fri resonans festival – Trondheim, Norway
November 4th: Instants Chavires – Paris, France
November 3rd: Université de Metz – Metz, France
July 2nd: Kongsberg Jazzfestival – Kongsberg, Norway
June 7th: Aterforum festival – Ferrara, Italy
May 25th: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter – Bærum, Norway
May 24th: Nattjazz – Bergen, Norway
May 16th: Alter Schlachthof – Wels, Austria
May 15th: Rote Fabrik – Zürich, Switzerland
May 14th: Vivienda Murat – Milano, Italy

(all concerts in 2008 supported by Arts Coucil Norway, Fund for performing artists, Norwegian Jazzforum and The Audio Visual Fund)


November 17th: European Jazz Expo – Cagliari, Italy
September 1st: Punkt Festival – Kristiansand, Norway
August 29th: Belleville – Oslo, Norway